I just recieved the Functional February Badge, altough i did not finish my exercises!


I looked around in the Forum, but couldn’t find this issue yet.

I just recieved my Functional February Badge,


Altough i have only completed 4 Exercises in the F# Track!
→ It seems that the Hello World exercise still is counted.

But I’ll definetly continue on the F# Track!

Thanks for your effort!

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It is here: I just earned the Func(Feb) badge, but I shouldn't have.

Hello MatthijsBlom!

I’ve seen this discussion. Yet i have not completed any Exercisms in any functional language yet. Not in this year, nor in 2022 or earlier!
i just started with F# today, therefore my question :slight_smile:

@ErikSchierboom Can you check this pls?

Yep, this is a bug. I’ve opened a PR to fix this: Ignore hello-world for functional february by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #3434 · exercism/website · GitHub

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