Learning Python

Hello all,

I’m trying to learn Python. I’ve watched a number of youtube video’s, but I’m finding the exercism exercises a bit challenging; like the Luigi lasagna for example, anyone that can walk me through, or recommend another site maybe this site isn’t set up for beginners?

This topic might be helpful: What is your recommended resources for learning Python?

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Hi @jcbotti, it’s wonderful that you’ve joined the Python track! Don’t feel discouraged, as learning programming is tough. If you’re an absolute beginner in Python programming, then I’d recommend reading the following book: https://automatetheboringstuff.com/ (It’s FREE to read online!), the first six (6) chapters. The chapters go pretty fast.

I’d say, read the relevant chapters associated with the concepts on Exercism, in the syllabus section of the Python track.

For example: Let’s say you’re learning about Conditionals on the Exercism platform, then read the Chapter 2 - Flow Control in the book I mentioned above. After you understand the concept, then try out the exercises.

On a final note: the exercises are challenging. My suggestions would be to always break down the stated problem into sub-problems and try solving that. At every step that you solve a sub-problem, gets you closer to eventually solve the problem as a whole.

NB: Some problems will require you to research the concepts on Wikipedia or YouTube. For example: I solved a problem on the Caesar Cipher which required to read on some background material.

I hope the above answers your question. Best of luck on your learning journey! Wishing you the best!

Thank you so much. I took a class from a local women in developing group, but the teacher didn’t know Python and it was supposed to be an introductory course, but all the students knew the answers, before I could even think about what we were doing.

I’ll check out your resources tonight.
Again, thanks so much!

Thank you so much! I will check this
out. Have a great weekend!