Notification indicates newly submitted iteration, but none is visible

I just received two notifications of this form:

Your student, XXX, has submitted a new iteration (#1) on their solution to Exercise in Language

Note the iteration number: #1. Weird!

Also, when I open the relevant sessions I see now new iterations.

One of these students is @safwansamsudeen (1 iteration visible); do you have any insights in what might be going on here?

The other student’s session now shows 2 iterations, but I’m not sure that the first one was there before.

@iHiD I’m guessing this is a result of your latest PR merge?

Probably a duplicate of Rust -> OCR Numbers: published solution not visible in comunity solutions nor in reputation points - #4 by iHiD

As in same symptoms, or same cause?

The linked thread is about publications, but I am unable to mentor my students now.

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As it turns out, none of the aforementioned students had submitted new iterations. So the only weird behavior that was actually observed was the notification of the submission of Iteration #1, which of course I had already seen, and without which there would have been no mentoring session in the first place.

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Yeah, it would have just been an issue to do with the background queues being slow. I think we can safely close this.