Question: Is there a place to view all obtainable badges?

I like the idea of badge hunting as a means to progress. Is there anywhere you can view what badges you can obtain in Exercism?

Yes there is: is probably your link to see them. Your profile is not public, but you should be able to see them.

I think they mean if there is a place there you can see all badges that exist.

If you are looking for that, here is a link to a directory: website/app/models/badges at main · exercism/website (

Although all are not obtainable (More specifically the v1, v2, v3 badges).

If you are to lazy to go through each ruby file, you can read all badges in this thread: The official list of Exercism badges - Exercism - Exercism.

But I do not guarantee that it gets updated, but the other link I sent to github does get updated.


This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks Meatball!

Apart from completer you can also see what they look like on my profile. I’ll likely keep up with 12 in 23, so you’ll see the new ones too.

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