Starting a SQL track

Hi all,
I hope you are doing great.
I find a SQL track missing and would like to start one, from beginner to advanced concepts like using system tables, variables and functions. We could use the Postgres dialect to start with.
We have gathered material for our own internal educational purposes and I could gladly use it to build the Exercism track.
Pls let me know how this sounds to you !


Woo! This sounds exciting! If you haven’t yet done so, you may want to read through the docs on building a new track and figure out what practice exercises will look like.

Hi Isaac,
Thanks for encouraging me and for the link to the doc !

Hi @franckberneron, the idea crossed my mind before too! And I’m sure others have thought about it before us. In fact there is already the PL/SQL track, but it focuses mostly on developing stored procedures and it has just 11 exercises.

I have brought up the subject recently on the forum and then discussed on a call with @jonathanmiddleton. There is some interest in doing this, but also there are some challenges. For example, how would the current set of exercises work? Could we use the same set or at least similar? Or would we have to invent a completely new range of problem specifications for data?

As there seems to be an ever increasing number of people interested and ready to contribute, perhaps we could meet and discuss the ideas and possible solutions?

(Currently, I’m trying to contribute to C# track to learn more about how tracks work and what is involved in maintaining one before I will come back to thinking of building a new one).

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I’m not sure how helpful this is, but the first track I thought to look at for inspiration is Prolog, since they’re both declarative query languages

An interesting perspective. Viewed this way, Prolog specializes in very small tables – frequently just a single row – whereas SQL focuses on large tables.

I don’t know… I have never tried Prolog. But this will change in the Mind-shifting May!
If it came from my mention of the C# track, then I am just trying do something useful and learn more about how the tracks work rather than learn how to structure data tracks.

This thread is a bit dead, it would be cool to advance with the SQL track, I would find it really useful, I share a reference from another platform that has some SQL exercises, maybe it can serve as inspiration and if there is anything I can help with to achieve this track let me know.

See Creating a sqlite3 track :slight_smile: