This made me sad :(


1 out of every 800 users. Might not seem so bad when you consider how many users have completed only very few exercises, or even none at all.


Thank you for donating! That makes us happy!


Thank you for your support :blue_heart:

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Thank you @akirataguchi115 for your support and also for your first post in the Forum! We really appreciate it! :pray:

first post as well

Hi Jonathan! I just made my first donation via crypto but didn’t get my badge nor did I get my Donations section in settings updated. In this topic I figured I should contact you to resolve this but I couldn’t find an option to DM you via forum or your e-mail or something, so just replying here. Can you please help me with my issue?

P.S. thank you guys behind Exercism for making my learning experience fun and effective! I currently use it as my main learning/practice platform and love it. Keep up the good work. :purple_heart:


Yeah - we don’t really have a good way of knowing who is giving via Crypto so it’s a manual process. We’ll get it sorted for you!

@jonathanmiddleton We should make you and @LorettaExercism an easy dashboard to add these donations to people’s profiles. One to pick up with me in the week :slight_smile:

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Oh, and thank you so much! Massively appreciated :blue_heart:


@heywhyyou You should have the supporter badge soon! Let me know if that worked for you.


I’m awaiting PayPal support to make monthly donations.

Hi Erik, I definitely will! The badge hasn’t showed up yet.

Your wish is my command :blue_heart:

I think it may need a bit of refactoring. The card option is now disabled on the Donate page. And when I click the PayPal button it always shows 0 pounds no matter what amount was chosen on the Donate page, and there is the Card option enabled, even though I didn’t choose to pay by card on the Donate page.

That screenshot is Paypal’s donations page. It’s a stand-alone page (hosted by PayPal) and not something we have control over, nor linked or integrated into our website.

The £0 is a text field that you’re supposed to edit (the UI is pretty terrible, but I find that with most of PayPal!).

Interestingly it also looks slightly different for me (see the one-off/monthly tabs) so it must be localised for us both too.

I find paypal strange :slight_smile:

Ah, it didn’t look editable. All of my other transactions with PayPal have shown up with the correct amount on the PayPal page, which is what threw me off, thinking that Exercism wasn’t sending my chosen amount to PayPal. I mean, why choose an amount on the Donate page if it’s not sent to PayPal? Anyway, I got it to work.

Although, I’m not sure that Exercism knows, since I still see the donate banner.

Anyway, the way that card processing now happens still seems off, though.

Yes, it’s really terrible UI.

They’re not intended to be linked (which is why the donate bit is in the self-contained box and the “other ways to pay” are below). Maybe we can make that clearer some how? That button is simply a link to a paypal page, rather than anything else.

It doesn’t know, no. We have no integration points with Paypal. Everyone needs to be manually corolated at the end of each day.

Could you explain a bit more about this? We’ve not intentionally changed anything other than adding a link to PayPal and GitHub Sponsors on that page, so if something’s not working (or unclear) I’d like to fix it.

(General comment: I think what you’re looking for / expecting here is a full integration, rather than a link to PayPal, which is entirely reasonable. But that’s a lot more work than we have time for atm, without dropping the ball on everything else)

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I think the autopayment from PayPal to Exercism is scheduled for sometime today, so I think it hasn’t actually been made yet.

Since the PayPal button was added it seems the card option is now disabled on the main Donate page.

Ah. That button is disabled until you put your card number and other details into the boxes above. You can blame Stripe for this bit of wonderful UI!