Mentoring - comment about my turn to respond is wrong

Here is a screenshot of what I saw, after I posted a response to my mentor’s comment. I refreshed the page, but it still says that it is my turn to respond…

Is this a bug?

Hi everyone, I think this may well be a bug - the same shows on my profile.
4 comments from my side, two iterations and several days later I still haven’t heard anything from my mentor, whose initial answer had been very quick.
I suspect he may not even be aware I have done some work on the exercise or the mentoring due to the same bug.
Can anyone please look into this?

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I just noticed the same thing, thought I’d check in the forum for an explanation for what to do.

(Here is my solution with the issue: Exercism)

Thanks for offering a solution. Unfortunately this is what I get from the link:

My guess is it leads to a non-public page?

I just noticed the very same behaviour. Someone kindly offered to mentor an exercise on the Haskell track, after a long time, asking if I’m still interested. I answered, but I get the “Your turn to respond” tag and never heard back from my mentor. My main concern is that they didn’t see a response at all, which would be a little rude. I’d just want to make sure the response was sent – they might not have time to answer, which is perfectly fine – but given the “your turn” message, it could not be the case.
If someone could look into it, that’d be great, thank you. The conversation in question is on Exercism.

It’s a mentor discussion, so it is probably not public, I’m guessing. Having the same issue myself, I’ve linked to a similar page – but I expect it wouldn’t be public to others than the mentor and I.

The «Your turn to respond» is a bug. As for me: I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Shortly after asking whether you were still interested a lot of other stuff dropped on my plate. Sorry to keep you hanging like this.

Thanks, good to hear it’s a minor bug. Don’t worry about “keeping me hanging”, not the case. Cheers.

Is this still an open bug?
Where can it be tracked? False "Your turn to respond"? · Issue #6004 · exercism/exercism · GitHub

I currently have this issue.

So firstly, I’m not convinced this is a bug. I suspect this is a result of the mentor clicking the button in their UI that reassigns this to the student. I may of course be wrong (entirely possible!), but the code path is so simple here, I struggle don’t see where it could be going wrong:

But if you let me know the track/exercise I’ll take a look and see what I can gleam from the data.

This might give a hint:

url with the message:
https:// /tracks/gleam/exercises/pascals-triangle/mentor_discussions

url without the message:
https:// /tracks/gleam/exercises/pascals-triangle

my open mentoring session:
https:// /tracks/gleam/exercises/pascals-triangle/mentor_discussions/cfbb61af9f50458e9656e4f94bfc7657

Those links don’t work as they’re private to you.

Could you let me know the track/exercise pairs please. Thanks :slight_smile:


Which button is this?

Not sure what you mean by track/ exercise pair.

This is from the Gleam language, the Pascal’s triangle exercise.

I made above links more visible

To see what Jeremy means, try logging out of Exercism and then navigating to those urls.

It’s all good now though, as the track and exercise are part of the urls you posted.

The one that says “Remove from Inbox” - That moves it back to the student.

Ah, I had no idea that it caused the student to be notified.

We’ll add a confirm modal to it :slight_smile:

As I see both situations (w/ w/out label) and code being super simple… this might indicate a caching related case. Where the front end has not been notified of changes in the backend. ( not all views got the message )

It’s a good theory, but we’re rendering this directly each time, so it’s not something that would be cached anywhere. I’ll check the data when I’m back somewhere where my IP can access servers.